Make & Model - SOG Elite Entrenching Tool/F19-N
Length Open - 26 inches
Length Closed - 10.5 inches
Weight - 1 lb, 8.8 oz
Carry Case - Nylon
MSRP - $74
Notes - This folding and telescopic shovel contracts down to roughly fill the footprint of a letter-sized sheet of paper. Its 1075 carbon-steel shovelhead can dig you out of rubble from a fallen building or scoop out a hole in the ground to get a fire pit going. Its glass-reinforced nylon construction telescopes out to give you the leverage you need for digging into tough terrain. Like the GLOCK shovel, it also has a saw blade hidden in its handle, but the one found in the SOG has more aggressive teeth. It's a foldable shovel capable of doing some heavy-duty work while remaining highly packable.

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