Make & Model - SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MACV Tool
OAL - 2.25 inches
Materials - steel
Weight - 0.6 ounces
MSRP - $14

SOG packs 12 functions in a 2.25-inch-wide tool that resembles the beret-wearing skull that was the emblem of the Vietnam War-era Special Forces unit Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG), after which the knife company is named. The tool passes the scrutiny of the TSA, SOG says, and comes with four hex wrenches, three screwdrivers and a pry bar/nail puller, bottle opener, cord cutter, and knife sharpener. Made in China.

– The skull design is cleverly integrated without impeding functionality.
– You can get a lot of torque because the screwdrivers are at the edge of the tool.
– The pry bar is thin enough to pull staples.

– The cord cutter is ground at too high an angle. It can't cut.
– A pull-through knife sharpener isn't the best way to sharpen a prized blade.
– The tool can't lie flat because of the bottle opener.

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December 5, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff


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