Weight - 3 ounces
Dimensions - 3 x 5 x 2.25 inches
URL - http://www.fast-fire.com/
Kit Contains - 1 Adhesive Bandages
2 Antiseptic Pads
2 Alcohol Pads
2 Iodine Pads
2 Antibiotic Ointment
1 Topical Ointment
1 Burn Jel
1 Anti-Itch Cream
1 Micro EMT Shears
1 Antihistamine
2 Anti-Diarrheal
2 Electrolyte Tabs
2 Ibuprofen
2 Aspirin
2 Non-Aspirin
1 Scalpel Blade
1 Duct Tape (24 inches)
1 Flat Pack Nylon Stuff Sack

Derived from the result of military experience, SOLKOA Survival Systems Modules allow you to customize your survival kit with top-tier supplies based on one of the eight survival categories: food, water, fire, tools, signal, shelter, medical, and navigation.

The Medical Module – Core contains supplies for maintaining personal health during an unexpected night stranded in God-knows-where, as well as short-duration emergencies in normal environments. The module comes with a sturdy nylon stuff sack to help store all of the components. This kit is perfect for those looking to supplement their one-day go-bags with something compact and lightweight.

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