Type - Unstructured Hammock
Weight - 16 oz
Colors - Blue, Green, Gray
MSRP - $70
URL - http://www.cascadedesigns.com

The Slacker Hammock came out last year with a bug net and a set of hanging straps. This year, the company will complete the hammock enterprise with the addition of a rain fly and a hammock warmer. The entire ensemble will run you $340, but you get the ability to pick and choose the components you want to bring. The Slacker Hammock itself is a step above the other unstructured hammocks in the group owing to the combination of triple stitching on the endpoints, zigzag hemming, perfectly executed bar tacking on the hanging loops, and most importantly, the soft, breathable, polyester fabric that feels almost like a cotton bedsheet. While polyester might not be as strong as the nylon used in some hammocks, it's more than strong enough. And, polyester handles sunlight better than nylon, so it should last a while longer, provided you do your part to take care of it. The strap system is pretty slick, too. Girth hitch it to an anchor and use a ‘biner to attach the hammock and apply tension.

The Bug Shelter (shown, far left) is unique among the hammocks here because it adds an integral ridgeline to the Slacker when installed. Slip the net over the hammock, connect the ‘biners on each end and you've taken the stress off the hammock and put it on the webbing ridgeline. Might as well leave it on all the time and reap the benefits, such as that consistent hammock droop. The bug shelter extends to the ground, affording a place to keep your stuff without the worry of bugs getting into it. The hammock warmer, coming in the spring, is a thin, durable sheet of reflective material that rides under the hammock and helps take the chill out of the dead of night.

Therm-A-Rest has a well-thought-out hanging sleep system in the Slacker. It's the best combination of versatility, utility, comfort, and value in the unstructured camping hammock category.

Accessories: Suspender Hanging Kit, 9 oz, $30; Bug Shelter, 16.3 oz, $80; Rain Fly, 21 oz, $90; Warmer, 7 oz, $70

Pros: Love that polyester fabric.

Cons: Limited visibility when the hammock sides ride up.

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