Power Output (rated) - 6 watts from panel, 5 watts from battery
Integrated Battery / Outputs - Included separate battery (4,000 mAh) / USB (1 amp)
Weight - 18.5 ounces (panel), 4.1 ounces (battery)
Dimensions (Folded/Open) - 11 x 8.8 x 1 inches
MSRP - $129
URL - www.voltaicsystems.com

This kit bundles a 6W solar panel, 4,000-mAh battery, and custom carrying case. The solar panel has a micro-USB plug to feed the battery, but unfortunately we weren't able to effectively test the panel's direct output with our monitoring equipment. The battery is rated to output 5 volts at 1 amp, which we confirmed in our testing. The Fuse has a single rigid solar panel built in to the case, which zips open to hold the battery pack and expose several pockets for additional items (it easily accommodates an iPad). There are also several straps that make it easy to fasten it to a backpack or other objects. Two USB cables are included. The whole package is somewhat bulky for its power output, but has pretty rugged construction, and the solar panel is waterproof.

*iPad not included

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