How far would you go to save your home and everything inside it? If you're willing to put in a substantial amount of effort and money to prepare your property, it may be possible to save it from destruction, but this requires preparation, creativity, and quick thinking.

Randy and Jennifer Socha, of Rosenberg, Texas, had previously experienced severe flooding in 2016. Back then, $150,000 in damage was done to their home by the rising water, and this experience motivated them to prepare for the next flood. When Hurricane Harvey began its approach towards Texas, the couple took immediate action, and spent $18,000 for an Aqua Dam system. It was delivered within hours.

The Aqua Dam system comes in various sizes and configurations. Photo:

The Aqua Dam system comes in various sizes and configurations. Photo:

This system consists of large waterproof fabric tubes, which can be rolled-up and stored in a garage or backyard until they're needed. When water approaches, gasoline-powered pumps are used to fill the Aqua Dam from any nearby water source, creating a 360-degree barrier around the home.

Aqua Dam flood water storm hurricane protection preparation 4

Left: An Aqua Dam system packed in a garage. Center/Right: The same system deployed. Photos:

Fully inflated, the Sochas' Aqua Dam was 3 feet high and 380 feet long. Even with this huge barrier, Randy Socha told KPRC-TV that he needed eight additional sump pumps around the perimeter to evacuate water that leached through the soil underneath. In the end, the system did its job and saved the Sochas' home from Hurricane Harvey.

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