It appears as though there's trouble brewing in TV survival paradise. According to a TMZ report earlier this week, former Dual Survival host Cody Lundin has filed a lawsuit against Discovery. You may be thinking that a celebrity gossip site might not be the most reliable source, but this information shouldn't come as a surprise, given previous statements by Lundin on his public Facebook page.

Cody Lundin lawsuit 3

Cody Lundin is a professional survival skills instructor, specializing in primitive survival.

In a Facebook post on March 8th titled “Dual Deceit”, Lundin wrote:

“[Discovery Executive Producer Christo Doyle]’s recent Facebook post about cast changes on Dual Survival is not about “freshening up” the show; it’s about covering up what was happening behind the scenes. My firing, and the subsequent defamatory episode that was cobbled together by Discovery, Original Media, and show runner Brian Nashel in order to explain my absence, was also done to cover up serious issues behind the scenes. This was done after they offered to pay me, and asked me three times to lie to my fan base. I refused. These cover-ups will be exposed, as they always are.”

Cody Lundin lawsuit 1

Cody Lundin pictured with Christo Doyle in April 2011. Photo: Cody Lundin/Facebook

This isn't the first scandal related to Dual Survival, since Cody Lundin's former partner, Dave Canterbury, was released from the show in 2013 after Discovery found he had lied about aspects of his military service record. Clearly Lundin had been unhappy about his continued relationship with Discovery for some time, but this lawsuit shows that he's taking the issue seriously.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that producers made him look like he was losing it on set, throwing a lighter and spear into a pond to sabotage survival efforts. Lundin states that this was actually due to physical threats from his then co-host Joe Teti, and that selective editing has made him look crazy, harming his career and reputation.

Cody Lundin lawsuit 4

Joe Teti was Lundin's former co-host on Discovery's “Dual Survival”. Photo: Joe Teti/Facebook

Few additional details are available about the lawsuit at this time, and a rep for Discovery replied to a Fox News inquiry with “no comment”.

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