If you're looking to bug out as far from human civilization as possible, heading out onto the water is a good way to do so. Our planet's surface is 71% water, meaning that virtually all human population is confined to the remaining 29% land mass. So, finding creative new ways to live on the surface of a large body of water definitely makes sense.

Solar powered floating buildings 1

The “Exbury Egg” is made entirely of molded plywood and timber.

Recently, several architects have developed concepts for buildings that not only float, but can also produce their own electricity through solar power. These structures can be towed behind boats, anchored at sea, or tethered to the shoreline of a lake or river.

The Exbury Egg's interior is spartan but comfortable.

The Exbury Egg's interior is spartan but comfortable.

The Exbury Egg seen above was lived in by British artist and co-designer Stephen Turner for a full year. It features a small solar charger for Turner's laptop and camera, as well as a hammock, cooking area, desk, and bathroom with shower.

Solar powered floating buildings 3

This floating island resort was designed by Michele Puzzolante.

Other designs include the 6-person floating resort concept seen above. It could accommodate up to 6 guests, and would also include an underwater observation room and on-deck Jacuzzi.

The EcoFloLife Waternest below was designed by Giancarlo Zema, and offers a 1,000 square-foot interior with a solar panel roof.

Solar powered floating buildings 2

The EcoFloLife Waternest, designed by Giancarlo Zema.

For even more examples of self-contained and solar-powered floating buildings, check out this article from Inhabitat.

So, do you think floating buildings are a viable option for survival? Would you ever consider living in one of these futuristic structures? Let us know in the comments below.

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