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Compared to other common causes of death (see below), fire might not be one of the grim reaper’s favorites, but it still wreaks havoc in the United States every year. A house fire can go from a small spark to a raging inferno in under five minutes. In 2013, 1.24 million fires in the USA caused 3,240 deaths, almost 16,000 injuries, and $11.5 billion in damages, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. The National Interagency Fire Center — which compiles annual statistics for federal and state agencies — reports that more than 10 million acres were destroyed by wildfires in 2015. With warm weather and many fire-prone regions experiencing droughts, we take a closer look at fire facts as well as the most common causes.

Top 3 Most Common Causes of Residential Fires:

  1. Cooking – 50%
  2. Heating – 12.5%
  3. Electrical – 6.3%

Fire Deaths Compared to Most Common Causes of Death:

  • Fire – 3,275
  • Heart Disease – 614,348
  • Cancer – 591,699
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases – 147,101
  • Accidents – 136,053


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