The human mind is well-suited for many tasks, but weighing risk objectively isn't always one of them. We often fear threats that are statistically unlikely — shark attacks or murderous clowns, for example — while blissfully assuming we're safe during far more dangerous situations. It's therefore wise to periodically reconsider the actual dangers of activities you participate in, and prepare for them accordingly.


Who would've thought this peaceful pastime has a higher fatality rate than skydiving? (Photo by Kevin Estela)

The following infographic from Best Health Degrees compares the mortality rates of various common activities. These are broken down into categories including Sports and Recreation, Mountain Sports, Transportation, and Parties and Games. Unsurprisingly, the risk of dropping dead due to the shock of losing a board game is extremely low, and the risk of dying while climbing Mt. Everest is extremely high. But there are some other activities that might surprise you — we wouldn't have thought that mountain hiking is 6 times more dangerous than skydiving, or that bungee jumping is 50 times safer than canoeing.

Check out the infographic below or click here to download a full-size version.

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