Rainy weather can be a real drag—but only if you let it. On one hand, if you're in a cotton t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, you're going to be drenched and uncomfortable. On the other hand, with the right level of preparedness, gear, and mindset, being outside in the rain can actually be a fun experience. You just need to think ahead and make a point to be ready.

Backpacking in the rain 1

Dave Collins of CleverHiker.com posted a video on YouTube titled, “Learn to Love Backpacking in the Rain”. This 9-minute video is packed with helpful tips about staying warm and dry. However, Dave also recognizes that there are some cases where it's OK to get a little wet. For example, wearing thick rain pants and heavy waterproof boots can slow you down and trap sweat against your skin.

One point in this video that we'd take issue with is the suggestion to wear damp wool socks for multiple days. If possible, you should always dry out your socks, or at least ensure your feet can air-dry thoroughly overnight. Keeping your feet in a constantly damp environment can lead to pruning, blistering, cracking, or even trench foot (which can develop in as few as 13 hours).

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The most important point that Dave makes in this video is to keep a positive mental attitude. This decision can make the difference between being miserable and actually enjoying your time outdoors—regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

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