In our past discussions about improvised weaponry, we've said that we always appreciate the ingenuity that goes into creating a handmade weapon—especially if the materials you're using were never intended for that purpose. Today, we came across a video that shows yet another example of impressively unique weapon-crafting.

An ordinary 21mm box end wrench serves as the base for this weapon.

An ordinary 21mm box end wrench serves as the base for this weapon.

In this 16-minute video from ZNA Productions, the host and amateur blacksmith creates a curved karambit knife from a wrench. Not only is this cool to see from a creative standpoint, but we could see this skill coming in useful in an urban survival scenario. Admittedly, it would take much longer using only hand tools, instead of a hairdryer forge, power belt sander, a dremel—but it would still be possible.

Custom Karambit from a Wrench 3

The wrench was superheated in a hairdryer-powered improvised forge.

By the host's own admission, it was a bit of an experiment, and it didn't turn out perfect. However, the result is impressive considering his relative lack of experience and simple assortment of tools. It's also encouraging to those of us who don't have formal training in this field.

We'd actually love to see a whole series of hardware store weaponry videos—a crowbar sword, padlock flail, chisel spear, and so on. It's always good to be thinking about the ordinary items you could re-purpose in a pinch.

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