Survival in the wilderness is a topic that has fascinated many, but few have the courage to put themselves in a real-life survival situation to test their skills. The Decivilized video titled “Mountain Survival,” available on CarbonTV, does just that. The video serves as a comprehensive guide to surviving a night in the mountains with minimal gear. The video is relatively short and packed with juicy nuggets of survival know-how:

Key Points

The video emphasizes the importance of prioritizing tasks in a survival situation. The first priority is to find a sheltered location away from the mountain's exposed ridge. The host carries only essential items: a water bottle, a knife, a rain jacket, a lighter, and some toilet paper. The focus is on building a shelter to protect against hypothermia and gathering enough firewood to last through the night. The video also provides practical tips on choosing the right location and materials for your shelter, as well as how to keep a fire going in challenging conditions.


What sets this video apart is its realistic approach. Unlike many survival guides that list an array of tools and gadgets, this video shows you how to survive with what you might realistically have on hand. It also highlights the psychological aspect of survival—keeping calm and making rational decisions can be as crucial as any piece of gear. The video's emphasis on using natural materials like pine needles for insulation and firewood for heat aligns well with the ethos of self-reliance and resourcefulness.


The video is particularly relevant in today's world, where outdoor activities are gaining popularity as a form of social distancing. Moreover, the rise in extreme weather events makes survival skills more essential than ever. The video serves as a timely reminder that being prepared isn't just about having the right gear but also about knowing how to use your environment to your advantage. Whether you're an avid hiker or someone who's just getting into the world of outdoor adventures, “Mountain Survival” is a must-watch. It strips down the romanticized Hollywood version of survival to its bare essentials, providing viewers with practical, actionable tips. So, if you're looking to up your survival game or just want to be more prepared for the unexpected, head over to CarbonTV and give it a watch.

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