During a survival situation, exposure to the elements is one of the fastest ways to end up in trouble (or dead). Often, building a shelter is the top priority for survival in the wilderness, even taking precedence over finding food or water. Without adequate protection from the rain, wind, or snow, hypothermia can set in quickly — even in warmer climates.

Primitive technology bed shed shelter wood 1

In the past, we've discussed various forms of improvised survival shelters. While all of these structures provide protection from the elements, they're also typically built at or below ground level. This can be a problem in certain environments, such as tropical rainforests, because all sorts of creepy-crawlies roam the ground at night. Sleeping on the ground can lead to numerous issues:

  • Loss of sleep due to insect bites and other pest-related annoyances
  • Soaked bedding if heavy rainfall occurs
  • Potential danger from snakes, scorpions, or other small nocturnal predators

Primitive technology bed shed shelter wood 3

Therefore, it's wise to build a shelter with an elevated sleeping platform to alleviate these issues. In his latest video, Primitive Technology demonstrates how to construct a “bed shed” elevated shelter. Sticking with his typical format, he doesn't say a word or use any modern tools. He doesn't even wear shoes.

Primitive technology bed shed shelter wood 5

This project required nothing more than wood, vines, dry grasses, sharp stones, patience and skill. The end result is impressive and actually looks quite comfy, especially once he adds a small fire pit beneath the sleeping platform to generate heat. Check out the full video below:

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