As writers and editors, our purpose in life is to produce content that appeals to our core audience—since you’re reading this right now, that means you. It’s a pretty safe bet that you only read our articles because we talk about the issues you care about. If, all of a sudden, we decided to turn into a publication about stamp collecting, you’d drop us like a bad habit—and we wouldn’t blame you one bit. It’s absolutely essential for us to understand exactly what you want to read about, and what you don’t.

So, how do we achieve this goal, and get to know you better? Well, there’s the obvious stuff, like reading the emails you send us and checking the comments you post on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We also attend as many shows and events as our schedules permit, so we can chat with our readers face-to-face. This still barely scratches the surface, so we’re trying something new: a reader survey.

The very first reader survey will start off by asking for some basic demographic info, such as your gender, age range, and geographic location. Then, we’ll ask about your favorite parts of the magazine, your least favorite parts of the magazine, and new types of stories you’d like to see from us in the future. It’s all totally voluntary and anonymous. You can use the survey to tell us we’re doing a bang-up job, or that we’re big fat failures—either way, we genuinely care what you have to say, and we promise to listen to your suggestions.

You can take our survey below. Thank you in advance for supporting us, and for taking the time to complete this survey!

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