In the ever-evolving world of survival and preparedness, the wisdom of experience often provides the most valuable insights. For this reason, we've tapped into our community of avid readers as a resource for survival knowledge, and are sharing tips that stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness.  This Readers' Survival Tip comes all the way from the United Kingdom, and is an excellent take on Every Day Carry (EDC).

Readers' Bio

Name/Alias: British Bill

Location: U.K.

Age: 67

Photo submitted by British Bill for the column

Above: British Bill's EDC layout – Analogue wrist watch(1), Gerber Artifact Mini-Tool(2), folding knife(3), CRKT low-profile pocket knife(4), black sharpie(5), tactical pen(6), Victorinox dual knife sharpening pen(7), Nebo flashlight(8), lighter(9), double gated S-biner(10), USB flash drive(11), Gerber multi-tool(12), sunglasses(13).

British Bill's Survival Tip

Defining EDC, I advise new preppers that ESSENTIAL CORE EDC items MUST go on the PERSON and never in bags, rucks etc. I advise them to imagine that, during a sudden incident, they are separated from their EDC bag, Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag, etc., and must survive ONLY with what they have on their persons (i.e., whatever is in their pants/shirt/jacket pockets, or worn on their belt/shoulder holster).

So, PDW (where legal) Knife(3), Lighter(9), Flashlight(8), Compass, Cell Phone, Wallet, Shades(13), Keys, Pen(6), Notebook, Kerchief, Gloves, Hat, Cash, Paracord, Micro FAC etc. These CORE essentials remain on the person at all times, whilst the secondary gear can go in a bag or pack, and third level gear in vehicle/office/home/cache. In many circumstances, it's just too easy for the citizen to be separated from their CORE EDC gear at the worst possible time.

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