Invasive species, such as lionfish and wild boar, can be a major threat to the natural pecking order when they're introduced to a new environment. Often, these animals have no natural predators, or they simply reproduce too quickly and out-compete rival species. This leads to damage to plant and animal life, and can even have a negative impact on the livelihoods of local farmers and ranchers.

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Mango crops in Puerto Rico have been damaged by the out-of-control iguana population.

Despite these issues, there's one upside to the invasive species problem: they're an ideal target for hunting. By going after these species, hunters can help the environment by reducing the species' population, and also put a steady supply of meat on the table. That's a win-win.

In Puerto Rico, iguanas are considered an invasive species. While some may see these large lizards as pets, on the island they gobble up bananas, mangoes, and other valuable fruit crops. This has led the government to welcome bands of hunters, called iguaneros, to cull the population. Luckily, iguanas are packed with edible meat, which some say is similar to chicken.

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A few months ago, RECOIL editor Iain Harrison traveled to Puerto Rico to participate in some iguana hunting. He met up with Ray Moore, of Hatsan, who provided some high-tech air rifles for the excursion.

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Check out the 8-minute RECOILtv video below for a recap of the hunt, from jungle to table:

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