Winter is a little more than a month away. For many of us, that means cold and wet weather. When you're outdoors in these circumstances, a fire becomes especially important, but also especially difficult to start. Between snow on the ground, scarcity of naturally-available tinder materials, reduced fine motor skills, and other winter factors, it may be a challenge to get a healthy flame going. Even if you already carry a few tried-and-true fire-starters in your kit, it's always worth considering more creative options for the times when plans A, B, and C don't work out. A recent video from Far North Bushcraft and Survival shows one such method, which is referred to as inferno survival matches.

Lonnie takes an old-school approach to survival. Just look at that majestic beard.

These matches combine powerful ignition sources with long-burning fuel in a compact, tightly-rolled form. Better yet, you probably already have most (or all) of these items around the house or in the garage. If you don't they can be purchased online for a few dollars, or picked up at local hardware stores and camping, fishing, or hunting gear shops.

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As Lonnie demonstrates below, each of these inferno survival matches consists of two stormproof matches, two strike-anywhere matches, a cotton ball, a paper towel, a few coats of melted-down candle wax, a discarded bicycle innertube (a.k.a. ranger band), and some rubber bands.

Lonnie says this design burns for around 8 minutes without the rubber innertube, but can be extended by as much as 50% with its addition. You may want to consider the way you'll be using the fire-starter, and decide accordingly. If your fire will be used for cooking or built in a fairly-enclosed space, that burning rubber may be unpleasant. Either way, that long-lasting flame should be more than enough to ignite damp wood in a snowy environment. Lonnie lives in Alaska and often films episodes during the winter, so he's frequently used it in these conditions.

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Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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