Every season presents its own dangers, but the thought of falling through ice in winter is especially frightening. In an already cold winter environment, you'd be faced with plummeting core temperature, shocked respiratory system, and soaked clothing weighing you down. On top of this, escaping the icy water may take several attempts, and you're working against the clock before your body shuts down. Tragically, falls through ice continue to take lives each year.

Survival scenarios winter tundra mountains

As is true in any survival scenario, preparation can leave you better equipped to deal with a fall through ice. If you know how to react, and understand what's happening, your odds of survival will increase dramatically.

Fall through ice winter video 3

In order to demonstrate the process of escaping a fall through thin ice, the YouTube channel Pike Pole Fishing created a 6-minute instructional video. The video's host, Adam, volunteers to fall through the ice three times under the close supervision of medical and rescue professionals. His pain is your gain, as he shows how to kick your legs and carefully lift yourself from the water. Never attempt this on your own.

If you need help remembering this technique, just think about Arnold Schwarzenegger's groan-worthy pun in his role as Mr. Freeze — kick some ice. For an infographic that illustrates some more tips for escaping a fall through thin ice, check out our previous article on the topic.

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