Take one look at the streets of developing nations around the world, and you'll see that motorcycles are an economical and speedy way to get around, even when chaos ensues. On a motorbike, you can squeeze through tight gaps in traffic, out-accelerate most cars on the road, and tackle windy off-road paths that a truck or jeep could never dream of traversing. That's why a motorcycle makes an excellent bug-out vehicle, as we've said many times in the past.


However, as with any bug-out vehicle, it's crucial to keep your ride in good working order. The last thing you want is to pop a tire in the middle of nowhere, or to crank the key and have nothing happen during a real-life SHTF situation. So, knowing how to perform basic maintenance is strongly recommended. You don't need to be a master-certified mechanic to handle the basics.

This infographic from TitleMax shows the most essential motorcycle maintenance procedures, and how to do them yourself with basic tools. Check it out:

Motorcycle maintenance DIY infographic 1

Motorcycle maintenance DIY infographic 2

Of course, these tips are perfect for anyone who already owns a bike. However, even if you don't have one of your own, they might be worth remembering—you never know when you might need to revive an old abandoned motorcycle and use it to get out of Dodge.

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