In an emergency situation, transportation is an important consideration. Many survivalists like the idea of a bug-out truck, with big mud tires, high ground clearance, tough bumpers, and auxiliary LED light bars for nighttime visibility. That's one option, and if you're planning to head into the mountains on rugged trails, it's a good choice.


A truck like this Tacoma is excellent for the backcountry, but not well-suited to congested city streets.

But what if you're in the middle of a big city when disaster strikes? That truck would probably end up in a traffic jam in no time. You'll need something small, light, and agile that can help you avoid crowds and get out of the city center quickly.

Acton Blink S2 electric skateboard bugout vehicle 4

While it's certainly unconventional, we think an electric skateboard or “E-board” might make a surprisingly good bug-out vehicle for urban areas. It's compact enough to fit under a desk or into the trunk of a car, light enough to carry, and can easily weave around obstacles. Electric motors also increase speed, require less work to maintain momentum, and allow these boards to be ridden uphill.

Acton Blink S2 electric skateboard bugout vehicle 5

ACTON, a company which has produced several successful electric skateboards, has announced the launch of its newest model: the Blink S2. This board features dual 500W hub motors on its rear wheels for a total of 1000W of power. This setup allows the Blink S2 to reach a top speed of 18mph. It can also climb hills with an incline rate of 20% (i.e. a 12 degree slope).

The rider controls the board via a wireless remote control, and the board also links to an optional Android or iOS smartphone app for battery monitoring, distance tracking, and other metrics.

The ACTON Blink S2 is powered by Samsung lithium-ion batteries, mounted in an aluminum case along the center of the Canadian maple wood deck. The battery can power the board for a range of 14 miles, and it requires a charge time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes from empty. Regenerative braking keeps the battery topped off as you slow the board on downhill sections.

If you need to hit the road in low-light conditions, the Blink S2 will light your path with LED headlights, side light strips, and red tail lights. The complete board weighs 15 pounds, and retails for $999 — but a 20% discount is being offered on pre-orders at the moment. Check out the video demo below, or go to for more info.

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