In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a terrifyingly-powerful beast with the muscular body of a man and the head of a bull. When Michigan-based automotive company Prefix decided to create its own monstrous Minotaur, they didn't make it part bull — they made it part RAM.

Prefix Minotaur Ram truck bugout off road pickup 8

The Prefix Minotaur is a custom off-road truck conversion based on a RAM 1500. It's inspired by desert race vehicles and “prerunner” trucks; Prefix even entered a race-prepped V10-powered Minotaur in the Baja 1000. The production version of the Minotaur is designed for maximum off-road performance while retaining daily-drivable levels of comfort. Prefix doesn't mention the Ford Raptor, but it's clear this truck is designed with the Raptor in its sights.

Prefix Minotaur Ram truck bugout off road pickup 1

Each Minotaur starts life as a standard RAM 1500 4×4 with a 5.7L HEMI V8, crew cab, and short bed. However, many obvious changes have been made.

The first thing you'll notice is likely the body — new composite fenders are 11 inches wider in front and 8 inches wider in the rear. A low-profile front bumper increases approach/departure angles (41 degrees and 30 degrees, respectively) and ground clearance. It also includes an aluminum skid plate, dual tow hooks, and LED fog lights. Black projector headlights, a black mesh grille, custom Minotaur badging, and embroidered floor mats add to the aesthetics.

Upgrades are more than cosmetic, especially in the suspension department. Each Minotaur comes standard with KORE coilover suspension with a 4-inch lift, Fox Racing 3-inch internal bypass shocks, and an impressive 14 inches of total travel (that's more than a 2017 Raptor, FYI). The truck rides on 17-inch gunmetal wheels and 35-inch General all-terrain tires; 20-inch wheels are optional.

Prefix Minotaur Ram truck bugout off road pickup 9

Buyers can also request a cold-air intake and side-exit Viper-style exhaust for added performance. For those who want even more power, Prefix will install a supercharger on the 5.7L, or can even swap the factory motor for a 6.4L HEMI 392.

Prefix Minotaur Ram truck bugout off road pickup 2

The Prefix Minotaur is available in “any custom color you can dream of” — the truck pictured above is painted in Tequila Lime with optional black vinyl graphics. However, this long-travel truck is a limited-production model; Prefix estimates 200 will be built in 2017. Pricing for a complete Prefix Minotaur truck starts at $60,000. To learn more, visit

So, what do you think of the Prefix Minotaur? Is it a possible Raptor-killer for Mopar fans, or would you rather choose a different bug-out truck?

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