Overland vehicle builds share a lot in common with bug-out vehicle builds — they're both designed to help the driver travel long distances over difficult terrain and cope with any challenges along the way. However, while a true bug-out vehicle is intended for rare emergency scenarios, overlanders build their rigs to be used in these conditions on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Each year, many of these vehicle enthusiasts gather in Flagstaff, AZ, at the Overland Expo. Earlier this year, Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival stopped by the event to check out some of the purpose-built trucks and SUVs in attendance.

In the following RECOILtv episode, Mike chats with Travis Hess, the owner of a heavily-modified 2018 Toyota Tundra overland rig. Travis built the truck for long-distance work trips, and wanted it to be comfortable and reliable on-road as well as off-road. The V8 motor has been fitted with a Magnuson supercharger, and a C4 Fabrication hybrid tube/plate front bumper has been installed along with a bevy of Rigid Industries LED lights. It also rides on race-spec Fox shocks with a Camburg cage in the bed. Check out the walk-around video below:

For more bug-out and overland vehicle builds from across the country, check out the RECOILtv Transport channel.

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