If you find yourself in a SHTF situation and you decide it's time to bug out, a truck can help you get out of town quickly with all your gear. However, it also makes you a rolling target for anyone who's less prepared than you are. And if the bad guys have guns, you may be in for serious trouble. This is where an armored vehicle with run-flat tires provides a huge advantage.

The Armored Group (TAG) has been designing and manufacturing armored vehicles for military agencies, law enforcement, private businesses, and individual citizens for more than 25 years. Each model produced by the company undergoes testing and certification for ballistic and blast protection, including being subjected to the explosion of more than 40 pounds of TNT.

The Armored Group TAG Terrier LT-79 truck vehicle offroad bugout 2

TAG's latest vehicle is known as the Terrier LT-79. As implied by its name, this platform is designed to be compact, agile, and mobile across rough terrain. The Terrier is based on a reinforced and militarized Toyota VDJ79 chassis, derived from the famously-tough civilian Land Cruiser 70 Series. It features a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine and 5-speed manual transmission with an upgraded clutch, stronger axles, heavy duty suspension components, and large 4-piston disc brakes.

The Armored Group TAG Terrier LT-79 truck vehicle offroad bugout 3

The TAG Terrier LT-79 rides on steel wheels and 37-inch Hankook offroad tires fitted with standard run-flat inserts. Ground clearance is 11.4 inches at the lowest point under the differentials; approach angle is 41° and departure angle is 33°. It has a fuel range of just under 500 miles, and thanks to its front and rear HVAC systems, can be operated effectively in temperatures ranging from below zero to a sweltering 130°F.

The standard 3-door body will hold up to eight people, while optional bench seating can bring capacity to 10 people. A roof turret and 5-door body configuration are also available. Payload capacity is 2,200 pounds of passengers and gear.

The Armored Group TAG Terrier LT-79 truck vehicle offroad bugout 1

As for the armor, the Terrier LT-79 can be built to B6 or NIJ Level III in order to withstand 7.62x51mm NATO rifle rounds. Crew compartment protection against Kinetic Energy weapons conforms to STANAG 4569 Level I, meaning it can also withstand blasts from hand grenades and small IEDs. This can be upgraded to Level 2 to withstand land mine explosions. Of course, there's also a huge list of optional extras, including blast-attenuating seats, acoustic deterrent system, smoke grenade launchers, thermal cameras, a remote-controlled weapon station, and overpressure air filtration to protect against chemical weapons.

TAG says the Terrier LT-79 was primarily designed for SWAT teams, law enforcement, and military personnel, but it looks like it'd make a seriously capable bug-out truck for anyone else who manages to get their hands on one. No price is listed on the TAG web site, but the company calls it “economical and budget friendly”. For more info, go to ArmoredCars.com.

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