If you love the outdoors, it's easy to see the appeal of an adventure vehicle. These trucks and vans are designed to traverse long distances over potentially rough roads, carry a large assortment of gear, and also provide a home on wheels. If you've got deep pockets, you can always turn to a builder like Earthroamer or AEV for a seriously capable rig. But if you can't afford to drop a few hundred thousand dollars, it's possible to build your own DIY RV for substantially less money.

Custom ambulance camper van bugout vehicle travel transportation build 2

Ian Dow recently shared some videos of his custom adventure vehicle project, which is based on a decommissioned Ford E-350 ambulance. Starting with this platform instead of a regular panel van provided a number of advantages — a large living area, plentiful storage cabinets, preexisting wiring and switches, heavy-duty suspension and brakes, exterior lights, and even a functional P.A. system.

Custom ambulance camper van bugout vehicle travel transportation build 3

Ian heavily modified the ambulance to add a stowable queen bed, kitchen with sink and magnetic dish rack, hardwood dining table, exterior shower with propane water heater, and many other comforts of home. He also added a carrying platform for his Suzuki dirt bike, and an above-cab roof rack with spare wheels and tires for both the van and bike.

Custom ambulance camper van bugout vehicle travel transportation build 4

Check out the first video compilation below, then refer to the second video for a much more detailed tour of all the ambulance adventure vehicle has to offer. Ian has already been driving around Mexico and Central America with the van, surfing, fishing, and enjoying the sights.

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