We like finely-crafted knives and blades, but we also recognize they're made to do more than sit in a display case and look pretty. What's the point of a blade if you never use it to cut anything? Cold Steel understands this better than most, since they've been making knives, swords, and other weapons since the early 1980s. And, rather than letting them sit on the shelves, they have fun torture-testing their creations on film for our enjoyment.

Cold Steel another day in the office 02

One of the latest additions to the Cold Steel YouTube channel is the video below, called “Another Day in the Office”. It features Cold Steel crew member Robert Vaughn putting the Chaos Kukri through its paces, chopping up some rope and lumber. The angled blade on this design is perfect for cutting 2x4s down to size, as Robert demonstrates.

We'll warn you now: if you venture onto Cold Steel's YouTube channel, you'll probably look up at the clock and realize you've been watching knife videos for an hour (or more). That's what always ends up happening to us… but we have no regrets.

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