When you think of a slingshot, what comes to mind? Maybe a nostalgic memory of childhood shenanigans comes to mind, or perhaps you envision a TV character like Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace. You might be surprised to learn that slingshot technology has not only kept pace with modern advancements, they are an effective tool for hunting, recreation, and even defense. Enter into the world of Simpleshot, a name that's ubiquitous in the slingshot community. We'll take a look at several of their products, including the Scout X, Hammer XT, Torque, and Axiom X slingshots. Plus, I'll share my firsthand experience from a slingshot class held at the Georgia Bushcraft event.

Simpleshot Slingshots: An Overview

Simpleshot is not just another slingshot brand. They've carved a niche for themselves with innovative designs and a focus on quality. But how do these slingshots really stack up? Let's break it down by looking at a few of their models.

  • The Scout X Slingshot The Scout X is a versatile beast. It's designed for both beginners and pros, offering an ergonomic handle and a sturdy frame. What makes it stand out is its simplicity and adaptability. You can switch bands easily, and it's suitable for various shooting styles. However, it's not just about comfort; the accuracy this slingshot offers is impressive.

Studio photo of the Simpleshot Scout X slingshot.


  • The Hammer XT Slingshot The Hammer XT is a powerhouse. It's built for heavy-duty use, and you can feel it. Its weight and construction make it a great choice for hunting or long-range shooting. The wrist brace adds stability, which is crucial for powerful shots. The forks can also be swapped out for an archery biscuit to shoot arrows.

Studio photo of the Simpleshot Hammer slingshot.

  • The Torque Slingshot The Torque is a compact wonder. Its unique, angular design is not just for looks – it aids in grip and alignment. It's incredibly lightweight, making it a great travel companion. However, its small size might be a challenge for those with larger hands.

Studio photo of the Simpleshot Torque slingshot.

  • The Axiom X Slingshot Lastly, the Axiom X is a well-rounded option. It's designed for comfort and accuracy, with a frame that accommodates various grips. It's a solid choice for both recreational shooting and more serious endeavors.

Studio photo of the Simpleshot Axiom X Slingshot.

Slingshot Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your slingshot, Simpleshot has an array of options. For starters, their Clay Shooting Flat Bands are tailor-made for clay ammo enthusiasts, ensuring precision and durability​​. If you're aiming to improve your accuracy, the Bell Target is a fantastic choice with its high-visibility and ultra-durable design​​.

Simpleshot offers many ways to customize your slingshot rig. Their Scout LT Scales come in a 5-pack bundle, allowing you to personalize your slingshot's handle to your liking​​. And for those who love a bit of target practice, the Self-Resetting Knockdown Target and its accompanying replacement discs are a good option. These targets are not just fun but also aid in skill improvement​​​​. For the more competitive shooters, the Competition Training 5-Pack of Self-Resetting Knockdown Targets is designed to simulate a real-world shooting experience, perfect for upping your game​​. And for those late-night practice sessions, the Glow-In-The-Dark Golf Ball Target is a useful accessory​​. Simpleshot also caters to the digital age with their Foundations Online Course, a great resource for mastering slingshot techniques​​.

Finally, the brand offers various handle weights, scales, and clips specifically designed for their Scout X model, enhancing the overall shooting experience with added stability and grip customization​​​​​​. Plus, the quick-release keychains and hex screws are handy tools for making quick adjustments on the go​​​​​​.

Slingshot Fundamentals

At Georgia Bushcraft‘s Fall Gathering event, I had the opportunity to learn slingshot fundamentals from the Simpleshot experts themselves. The class focused on four key areas:

  1. Finding Your Dominant Eye: This is crucial for accuracy. The instructors helped students identify their dominant eye, which is essential for proper aiming.

Slingshot students learn how to find their dominant eye.

  1. Proper Grip Techniques: A correct grip is the foundation of a good shot. We learned the proper grip for the slingshot shooting style. Rather than holding on to the handle exclusively, the grip also included the forks of the slingshot to prevent it from leaning backwards when pulling back on the band.

Student takes aim with a Simpleshot slingshot.

  1. Preventing Band Twists: Twisted bands can affect accuracy and the lifespan of the bands. The instructors showed us how to attach and maintain the bands properly.

Simpleshot student ensures the bands aren't twisted.

  1. Archery Elbow Technique: Just like in archery, the elbow technique in slingshot shooting is vital for stability and precision. We practiced this to improve our shooting form.

Slingshot shooter takes aim with proper technique.

The class included people of all ages and backgrounds participating, proving that slingshots continue to stand the test of time. It was a fantastic experience that not only improved my skills but also deepened my appreciation for the sport.

Final Thoughts

Simpleshot is leading a renaissance in the slingshot world. Their range of products caters to a wide spectrum of users, from beginners to experts. Each model has its unique strengths, and there's something for every preference.

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