Welcome back to our dive into the world of gear! In this edition of Gear Up, we explore the latest innovations and reliable classics that are key to staying prepared for any challenge. From cutting-edge technology to time-tested tools, our focus is on equipping you with insights and information that keep you one step ahead wherever the journey of life may take you. Whether you're bracing for the unknown or fine-tuning your preparedness kit, join us as we unpack the must-haves for this month.

Burris Veracity: PH 4-20X50

Studio photo of the Burris Veracity scope.


Burris Optics’ Veracity PH 4-20×50 riflescope is crafted for precision with a Rapid Cross MOA illuminated reticle and ED glass for clear vision. The illumination is powered by a CR2450 battery, and the reticle can be adjusted in 1/10 MOA increments. This high-tech optic features integrated PEK (Programmable Elevation Knob) technology that computes elevation adjustments and indicates them on a heads-up digital display. It weighs about 29 ounces, is 13.8 inches in length, and uses a 30mm main tube, making it compatible with many styles of optic mounts. This model seamlessly integrates with the BurrisConnect app, providing essential ballistic data for accurate shots without manual input, suited for shooters who value precision and innovation in their outdoor gear.

Reticle: Rapid Cross MOA

MSRP: $1,560

URL: BurrisOptics.com

Benchmade: Bailout

Studio photo of the Benchmade Bailout knife.


The Benchmade 537FE-02 Bailout knife is tailored for those who prioritize both strength and lightness in their tools. Featuring a CPM-M4 blade steel, it offers exceptional edge retention and durability. The handle is crafted from anodized aluminum, ensuring a secure grip while maintaining minimal weight. The knife includes a Cerakote blade finish for added corrosion resistance, making it a reliable companion in various environments. A lanyard loop is featured on the handle's end, allowing the user to secure it for repetitive or slippery tasks. It’s lightweight and has a tanto blade design that gives it stylish looks along with its versatility as a blade.

Steel: CMP-M4 Super Steel

MSRP: $200 – $300

URL: Benchmade.com

Bushnell: 40L Convertible Duffel Bag

Studio photo of the Benchmade Bailout duffle bag.


The Bushnell 40L Convertible Duffel Bag is designed to cater to anyone seeking versatility and resilience in their gear. This bag stands out due to its ability to transform from a traditional duffel into a duffel backpack, providing flexibility for various travel needs. Crafted from coated polyester, the bag offers near-waterproof durability against the elements, making it a reliable choice for outdoor adventures. It also features anti-skid rubber feet to minimize wear and tear. The bag includes five additional pockets alongside the main compartment, ensuring there's a place for everything. Among these, a mesh internal pocket is specifically designed for smaller items that require easy access. Whether used as a gym backpack, an overnight bag, or a tactical duffel, it's built to meet a wide range of needs while providing comfort and convenience.

Material: 10500 Polyester

MSRP: $75

URL: Bushnell.com

Crystal Creek Gear: GoReel Rodless Hand Reel Fishing Kit

Studio photo of the Crystal Creek Gear GoReel Rodless Hand Fishing Reel.


Crystal Creek Gear’s GoReel Kit is a rodless hand reel system that’s innovative and incredibly easy to carry. Its compact, cylindrical design — measuring 4 inches in diameter, with a depth of 2.5 inches — means that it can be tucked easily in a pocket or backpack. This design choice emphasizes portability, making it an ideal choice for spontaneous fishing trips or just enjoying a peaceful moment near water. The reel comes housed in a container equipped with built-in tackle dividers, ensuring your hooks and small tackle remain organized and readily accessible. Additionally, the kit provides 30 yards of premium braided fishing line. Each GoReel comes complete with a premium trout fishing tackle kit, which includes two Leland's Lures E-Z Trout Floats, six Trout Magnet bodies, and three Trout Magnet hooks.

Colors: Blue, Green

MSRP: $40

URL: CrystalCreekGear.com

Helly Hansen: Women's Isfjord Insulated Shacket

Studio photo of the Helly Hansen Women's Isfjord Insulated Shacket.


Staying comfortable in the outdoors while remaining stylish isn’t an easy feat. Helly Hanson, however, does just that with their Isfjord Insulated Shacket. This article of clothing is part shirt, part jacket, keeping the wearer warm and comfortable. Featuring PrimaLoft BLACK Eco insulation, this shacket is warm, soft, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. The presence of internal chest pockets with snap buttons, alongside hand pockets offers functionality and convenience. Adjustable cuffs with snap buttons create a customizable fit, making it a versatile garment to keep the elements at bay. Perfect for transitional weather, it provides enough insulation for warmth yet designed for layering under heavier outerwear in colder temperatures.

Colors: Ebony, Hickory, Ocean

MSRP: $180

URL: HellyHansen.com

Garmon: Tactical Nemesis 4 G-Dry

Studio photo of the Garmont Tactical Nemesis 4 G-Dry footwear.


Crafted for durability and protection, the Nemesis 4 G-Dry by Garmont Tactical is suited for those who engage in operations where speed and agility are in high demand. It integrates features like G-DRY waterproofing to keep feet dry in adverse conditions and an abrasion-resistant synthetic mesh upper for toughness. A soft Lycra collar ensures comfort around the ankle, while the rubber toe cap offers additional security against rough terrain. Designed to be lightweight at just 490 grams for a half pair of size US 9's, it supports quick movements without sacrificing support or comfort. This boot offers a blend of high-tech materials and an innovative design to ensure optimal performance in many situations.

Fit: Regular

MSRP: $170

URL: GarmontTactical.com

Prepper All Naturals: Variety Pack

Studio photo of the Prepper All Naturals Variety pack.


When refrigeration isn’t a guaranteed amenity, finding protein-rich, nutrient-dense sources of food can be a challenge. Prepper All Naturals created a solution that aims to get fresh beef to those who need it most. Each 12-ounce packet rehydrates back to its original 48 ounces, offering 12 servings with a substantial 24 grams of protein each. Using a combination of sous vide cooking and freeze-drying, this product ensures that the beef retains its flavor, texture, and nutritional value, even after rehydration. Each combo box contains beef cubes that expand back to their original size and weight when rehydrated, providing a protein-rich food source that can be stored for years without refrigeration. Ideal for emergency preparedness, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, or simply for having a high-quality protein source on hand, it's tailored for those looking for reliable food storage solutions without compromising on the quality of their diet.

Cuts: Steak, New York Strip, Ribeye, Filet Mignon

MSRP: $550

URL: PrepperBeef.com

Mission First Tactical: Belly Band Holster

Studio photo of the Mission First Tactical Belly Band Holster.


Designed for active lifestyles, the MFT Belly Band Holster offers a no-belt-needed carry solution for activities like walking, jogging, or biking. The comfortable 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric allows for better airflow. Soft hook and loop construction avoids chafing, and open-air weave prevents bacterial growth. It features a hard laminate trigger shield for increased safety, elastic pockets for accessories, and secure YKK zippered pockets for essentials. Ambidextrous and adjustable for waist sizes 26 to 52 inches, it's hand or machine washable. Compatible with a wide range of firearms, it’s a versatile choice for concealed carry.

Fit: 26 to 52-inch waist

MSRP: $50

URL: MissionFirstTactical.com

RTS Tactical: Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow

Studio photo of the RTS Tactical Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow.


By combining comfort with defense, the RTS Tactical Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow is an unexpected safety product. It integrates a ballistic armor panel into a premium memory foam pillow, designed to offer both a comfortable night's sleep and protection against firearm threats. Between two layers of memory foam is a high-performance 20×13 Soft Armor Panel. Available with a IIIA panel — rated to stop rounds such as 9mm, .44 Magnum, and .357 SIG — or IIIA+ which is rated to stop full metal jacket rounds and point-blank shots. Beneath the pillowcase are integrated carrying straps so the pillow can be manipulated and used in a similar manner as a riot shield. The overall size is 23.6 inches in length, comparable to an average-sized pillow, making it a discreet personal defense addition to the bedroom. Weighing in at 7.3 pounds, it can be manipulated with relative ease should the need arise.

Armor Levels: IIIA, IIIA+

MSRP: $330 – $430

URL: RTSTactical.com

SimpleShot: Scout X

Studio photo of the SimkpleShot Scout X slingshot.


Sometimes the best solutions derive from tried-and-true designs, and few things are as time tested as the sling shot. The Scout X Slingshot from Simple-Shot is a modern take on a classic design, made for versatility and ease of use. It features next-generation design improvements, adaptable grip options for various hand sizes, and an integrated band attachment for easy band changes. The slingshot also comes with precision sighting aids for accuracy and removable scales for enhanced customization. Whether you're new to slingshots or an experienced user, the Scout X's design is both traditional and innovative, ensuring a comfortable and effective grip for all shooters.

Colors: Black, Green, Slate

MSRP: $45

URL: Simple-Shot.com

Sitka: Equinox Guard Hoody

Studio photo of the Sitka Equinox Guard Hoody.


Designed for outdoor enthusiasts looking for that perfect blend of comfort and protection, especially in hot weather, this hoody has a little bit of everything. The Equinox Guard Hoody by Sitka Gear integrates cutting-edge technologies to protect against insect bites without compromising on comfort, especially in warm, humid environments. It's crafted from an ultra-lightweight, breathable, and stretchy fabric designed to reduce mosquito bites, with a built-in Insect Shield for repelling a wide range of insects. Features include a breathable mesh facemask, a long tail for added protection when tucked into pants, UPF 50+ sun protection, and odor control technology, making it ideal for outdoor activities where insects are prevalent.

Colors: Aluminum, Black, Elevated II, Olive Green, Pacific, Subalpine, Waterfowl Timber

MSRP: $149

URL: SitkaGear.com

War Bird: Ghost Wolf

Studio photo of the War Bird Ghost Wolf eye protection.


Ghost Wolf sunglasses from WarBird are engineered for performance and protection. Featuring 4SHADOW lens technology, they offer high-contrast lenses to enhance sight and reaction times. These glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for impact resistance, ensuring durability and safety. The Kaiwall Bio-based TR90 frame material is lightweight and comfortable, designed for long wear. With a mono shield-style lens for an expansive field of view and vented temple pieces for breathability, these sunglasses are built for active use in various light conditions, including full sun and variable light scenarios. Available in a variety of lens styles, the Ghost Wolf can allow light transmittance anywhere between 11 and 88 percent depending on if a variable-light or full sun lens is selected.

Frame Colors: Black, Green, Navy, White

MSRP: $159 – $189

URL: WarBirdPro.com

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