We’re always on the lookout for new contenders in the field of fixed-blade survival knives, and Hogue has stepped up with their own offering: the EX-F02. Although Hogue’s folding knives have become pretty well known since their introduction in 2010, until recently they only offered one fixed-blade knife, the EX-F01. The EX-F01 is a straightforward fixed-blade design, with a drop point, bolt-on hardwood or G10 handles, and included soft sheath.

Now, Hogue has branched out with the unveiling of the new EX-F02. It shares the cryogenically-treated A2 tool steel construction of the EX-F01, but this new fixed-blade also features a rugged design targeted at outdoorsmen. The most noticeable feature is its rubber and polymer hybrid handle that is said to improve grip, and offers four color options (black, OD green, dark earth, or hunter orange). Additionally, it’s available with either a 4.5” drop point or a 4.5” tanto blade. Not overlooking the sheath, Hogue created a new hard polymer design with automatic retention, ambidextrous release mechanism, and MOLLE compatibility.

Hogue EX-F02

The EX-F02 is priced at $149.95 MSRP and is available now through Hogue's web store or your local Hogue dealer.

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