If you know knives, you've probably heard of Boker. This famous blade manufacturer has been producing knives, swords, and tools in the city of Solingen, Germany, since 1869. Boker products can be identified by the iconic “Tree Brand” logo stamped on each item that leaves their production line.

Boker German expedition knives 5

Boker's “Tree Brand” logo can be found on products dating back over a century.

Recently, Boker announced that they have partnered with designer Tony Lennartz to offer a new line of fixed-blade survival knives known as German Expedition Knives. Lennartz is an experienced military leader with decades of wilderness survival and bushcrafting experience. His proven knife designs and specifications are now being produced to meet Boker's high standards of quality.

Boker German expedition knives 3

The standard Boker German Expedition Knife with removable scales.

Each of the G.E.K. models is constructed of Bohler N690 steel, which has “a fine microstructure and outstanding corrosion resistance.” The knives use a skeletonized handle design to reduce weight, and some models also offer exchangeable Micarta scales for additional grip.

Boker German expedition knives 2

The Boker German Expedition Classic features one-piece drop-forged steel construction.

The standard Boker German Expedition Knife features a 6.5-inch blade, removable scales, and a stonewashed finish. The German Expedition Classic is also a 6.5-inch blade, but with a one-piece “full integral construction” and sleek brushed finish.

Boker German expedition knives 4

The Boker German Expedition EDC features a more compact 4.5-inch blade.

For those looking for something more compact, Boker will also offer the German Expedition EDC with a 4.5-inch blade. Finally, there's the Lennartz-designed Boker Para-1 with a 3.25-inch blade. The Para-1 will include a Kydex sheath with ball chain so it can be worn as a neck knife.

Boker German expedition knives 6

The Boker Para-1 is a handy back-up blade for delicate cutting tasks.

The Boker German Expedition Knife line ranges in price from $399 to $135, and these models will be available for purchase in late February 2016. For more information, visit Boker's web site.

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