A good pair of sunglasses is extremely important for any survival kit, not only because they cut glare and improve your vision in bright daylight, but because they protect one of your most vulnerable organs: your eyes. Without proper eye protection, you run the risk of things like dust, sand, wood chips, metal fragments, chemicals, or even bloodborne pathogens incapacitating you at a moment's notice. Even if you already wear a pair of sunglasses every day, having a backup pair in your bug-out bag is wise.

DVX Eyewear has released two inexpensive new models that would be well-suited as EDC sunglasses or as backups to your existing gear. The lenses on both these DVX safety sunglasses are rated to meet ANSI Z87 High Velocity and High Mass Impact standards, and the frames are constructed of durable and flexible Triloid Nylon. This results in OSHA-grade protection for your eyes, at a very affordable price point.

DVX sunglasses Axon

The DVX Axon, a new frame and lens combo for 2015.

The first new pair is called the DVX Axon, and it comes with gunmetal frames and Silver Flash lenses. The Axon also features a rubberized nose bridge and temple tips for added comfort and a secure fit, even if you work up a sweat. The Axon retails for $48.

DVX sunglasses Mojave

The matte black DVX Mojave, another new model for 2015.

The second pair is known as the DVX Mojave, and it features stealthy matte black frames with Polarized Grey lenses. The 8-layer polarization on the lenses dramatically cuts glare from water, roadways, snow, or other reflective surfaces. This yields excellent visual clarity in even the brightest conditions. The Mojave retails for $78.

All DVX eyewear products can be found conveniently at Walmart Vision Centers throughout the United States, and they carry a 1-year warranty against defects on frames and lenses. To learn more about DVX safety sunglasses, visit dvxeyewear.com.

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