We've often heard ladies expressing frustration over clothing that offers an imbalance of form and function — either it looks good and fits well but lacks functional pockets and durable materials, or it has those desirable features but fits poorly and looks extremely unflattering. This is an understandable source of frustration, since the majority of shooting and duty-oriented apparel seems to be designed for men first, then redesigned to fit women as an afterthought. In November 2019, the founders of KADRI Clothing set out to solve this problem with the creation of their first product, the women's Valkyrie pants.

KADRI Clothing was founded by female U.S. Special Operations Forces veterans, including OFFGRID contributor Eryn Chase. They often found themselves tailoring men's pants in order to get the features they wanted — moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable, and abrasion-resistant fabric as well as plenty of pockets. Eventually, this led them to start from scratch and create their own Valkyrie pants.

The KADRI Clothing Valkyrie pants feature 72 different size combinations thanks to the company's signature WHVR Matrix sizing system. Ladies can simply measure their waist, hips, and inseam, and KADRI uses these measurements to find the right size. The Valkyrie pants also feature stretchy gussets in the crotch and waist to improve flexibility and comfort, plus numerous reinforcements to maximize durability. And, of course there's an abundance of pockets (11, to be exact).

The Valkyrie field pants are made in the USA and currently available in High Desert Field Tan and Titan Grey. MSRP is $220. For more information, go to KADRIclothing.com.

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