So-called “tactical lever guns” have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, and it's easy to see why. They're a modern twist on a classic operating mechanism, available in a wide variety of caliber choices, 50-state legal, and great hosts for suppressors. If there's one company that has fueled the growth of this trend more than any other, it's Midwest Industries — their M-LOK handguard is one of the core components of many builds, including our own Marlin 336 Dark Series project. The company has just released a new version of their handguard for Marlin 1895 variants, known as the Marlin 1895 Extended Sight System.

Above: In addition to the Extended Sight System, the pictured Marlin 1895 is equipped with a billet aluminum stock from Chisel Machining and a Longbow ammo carrier from Hoptic USA. It was built by Mad Pig Customs for Midwest Industries.

Unlike the standalone M-LOK handguard, the Extended Sight System features an integrated full-length Picatinny rail for lights, lasers, remote switches, and other accessories. This also makes it possible to shoot your lever gun with a thumb-over-bore/C-clamp grip without burning your hand on a hot barrel. The Marlin 1895 Extended Sight System includes a heavy-duty ghost ring rear sight and a front post, both of which are shielded and offer a wide range of elevation and windage adjustments.

The handguard design appears similar to the standalone component, except for the addition of a notch and four bolts that support the front of the rail. As before, it's constructed from 6061 aluminum with a hard coat anodized finish. A 5-slot Pic rail section is included to make it easier to attach lights and other accessories to any of the 7 M-LOK surfaces.

A forward-mounted sling swivel is also attached, but can be removed for those who prefer a slick handguard and plan to use a modern QD-style sling (as we did on our Marlin 336 project).

The Midwest Industries Extended Sight System is designed for Marlin 1895 variants with forward handguard caps (not barrel bands). It does not fit the 1895CB or 336Y. We're told that a Marlin 1894 variant will be coming soon. MSRP for this system is $325. For more information, go to

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