When you're outside in frigid weather, you might reach for a pair of thick gloves or mittens to stay warm and avoid frostbite. But there's a major issue with this strategy: the thick insulation that keeps your fingers nice and toasty also robs you of the fine motor skills you need for a survival situation or self defense. In search of a middle ground between warmth and dexterity, SKD Tactical has released a new set of gloves known as the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Cold Weather Gloves — that's a mouthful, so we'll just say PIG FDT Cold for short.

SKD says this new PIG FDT Cold variant is ideal for staving off numbness on a frosty day at the local range. They combine the tactile potential of previous PIG gloves with a fleece lining for wind-resistant insulation, as well as touch screen compatibility on all five digits. A press release states that “the burning hot jealousy from your friends” coveting your sweet new gloves will aid in keeping you warm — that's taking it a little too far, but we'll give them credit for the wordplay.

The PIG FDT Cold is constructed with a textured silicone-print palm and terry cloth nose wipe section on the thumb. It's currently available in black or white, but Carbon Grey will be available in December, and Coyote Tan will be available down the line in March. Sizes range from Men's S-2XL and Women's XS-XL. MSRP is $58. For more info on these and other SKD Tactical gloves, go to SKDTac.com.

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