It's always a good idea to have a general-purpose camp knife handy, but these tools often fall into the Jack of all trades, master of none category. They're equally effective for shaving feather sticks, skinning game, and batoning firewood, but not overly specialized for any single task. However, there are times where a specialized knife can make work much easier — preparing food is one such instance. A good set of kitchen knives will help you slice, dice, and chop with increased speed and precision.

TOPS Knives recently released its new Dicer series of kitchen knives, including the Dicer 8 Chef's Knife and Dicer 3 Paring Knife. These blades are intended to be sturdy and capable of outdoor use, so they'd be well-suited to camp cooking or grilling in addition to typical use at home. They're constructed from premium CPM S35VN stainless steel with contoured handle scales made from durable blue-and-black layered G10. Each knife comes with a black Kydex sheath.

The Dicer 8 features a flat belly that curves upward into the tip, allowing for both chopping and slicing. The heel of the 7.75-inch blade features a subtle cutaway in the forefinger area for a secure grip. MSRP is $250.

The Dicer 3 is intended as a paring knife, although it looks like it could serve as an EDC knife as well. It features a 3.5-inch blade with a smoothly-curved belly and sharp tip. A prominent forefinger guard protects the user's index finger from slipping onto the edge. MSRP is $200.

TOPS Knives is also currently offering the Dicer knives as a pair for $320, so you can save some money by purchasing them simultaneously. For more information on the TOPS Dicer series, go to

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