If you're setting up a gun for home defense or emergency use in an indoor environment, adding a suppressor is a great idea. Let's say you're awoken in the middle of the night and have to go investigate a possible intruder. You may not have time to put on ear protection, but a suppressed gun can save your hearing and maintain your situational awareness in the event that you're forced to shoot. On the other hand, the blast from a bare muzzle in a small room might leave you dazed and disoriented. KelTec had this in mind when it developed the new Sub2000 CQB, which comes with an integral suppressor.

Those who know the Sub2000 are no doubt familiar with its folding forend. It's useful for transporting and storing the gun, but it posed a problem for mounting an integrally-suppressed barrel that required more space. KelTec's solution was to allow the Sub2000 CQB's barrel to unlock and rotate before folding. This design also allows for an optic to be mounted permanently on the top rail without interfering with the folding mechanism.

The integral suppressor is said to be user-serviceable, so the baffles can be removed and cleaned. MSRP will be $995 for the standard Sub2000 CQB, but it may also be offered as a package with an optic, light, and laser for approximately $1400. For more information, go to KelTecWeapons.com. And for more videos on new guns and gear, go to RECOILweb.com.

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