Every year at SHOT Show, the guys at Surefire have some cool new gear to show us, and this year was no different. Dave Merrill stopped by with the RECOILtv camera crew to talk with Andrew Wright, and get a closer look at some of the items the company will be releasing in 2019. These include the 300Ti lightweight suppressor, the XVL2 weapon light/laser/IR illuminator, the XR1 rechargeable weapon light, and the upgraded Stiletto Pro flashlight.

Surefire Stiletto Pro SHOT Show 2019 flashlight new products 6

As you can guess from its name, the Surefire 300Ti suppressor is constructed out of titanium. While this won't have the same longevity as a traditional can if it's subjected to repeated full-auto mag dumps, it's better-suited for those who are trying to cut as much weight as possible from their weapons.

Surefire Stiletto Pro SHOT Show 2019 flashlight new products 2

The XVL2 acts like a miniature pistol-mounted counterpart to the rifle-mounted AN/PEQ-15 laser/illuminator. It offers four outputs: white light, a green visible laser, an infrared illuminator, and an infrared laser. The latter two outputs are designed for use with night vision systems. For more details on the Surefire XVL2, check out this article on RECOILweb.com. You'll also see this light featured on the cover of RECOIL Issue 41, on sale now.

Surefire Stiletto Pro SHOT Show 2019 flashlight new products 4

The XR1 is essentially an update to the XC1 compact weapon light. Rather than a AAA battery, it features a rechargeable battery. This also makes room for a second LED where the AAA battery previously resided, and increases output to 600 lumens. There's also an XR2 variant with a laser that acts as an update to the XC2.

Surefire Stiletto Pro SHOT Show 2019 flashlight new products 3

Lastly, the Stiletto Pro is an improved version of the Stiletto that was released last year. It's built with an aluminum body instead of polymer, and now has a reversible pocket clip.

Surefire Stiletto Pro SHOT Show 2019 flashlight new products 1

Left: an original Stiletto. Right: the new Stiletto Pro.

Output of the Stiletto Pro has also been increased to 1000 lumens. The Stiletto's unique 3-switch design and built-in USB port are retained, although the button shapes have changed slightly. Refer to this article on RECOILweb for more details about the Surefire Stiletto family.

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