If you’re a fan of Ruger firearms, you know they’re designed to be rugged, reliable, and affordably priced. With this same mentality, Ruger has ventured into knives, partnering with master knife-smiths at CRKT to develop a line of new blades that fit the Ruger name to a T. These knives feature a wide array of sizes, shapes, finishes, and purposes, all of which have been inspired by aesthetic details of Ruger firearm designs. And, since they’re being manufactured by CRKT, you know they’re going to be razor sharp and built to last.

The first design that caught our eye is the “Go-N-Heavy”, which is a liner-locking folder designed by Bill Harsey. Its knobbly anodized Sure Grip handles certainly look the part, and its stonewashed 5” drop point blade with inlaid Ruger logo has a clean appearance.

Next up is another design by Bill Harsey: the “Accurate”. Appropriate for its name, this straightforward hunting knife resembles the classic fixed-blade designs many of us grew up around. Its satin-finished 4.4” plain-edged blade and rubber-overmolded grip aren’t overly flashy, but the red inset Ruger medallion is a nice subtle touch.

To view more of these Ruger knives from CRKT, visit Ruger.com/CRKT.

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