As much as we all enjoy drooling over the next cool piece of gear to add to our bug-out bag or EDC kit, it’s also nice to turn our attention to serve the greater good of society. Fortunately, Streamlight has figured out a way we can do both at the same time, with their Lights for a Cause program. Over the years, they have released a series of special-edition flashlight designs targeted at various humanitarian efforts, and donated a portion of each sale directly to foundations which help those causes. For example, pink lights to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, blue lights to benefit Concerns of Police Survivors, and so on.

A recent addition to the Streamlight Lights for a Cause program is this red Nano Light keychain flashlight. Not only is it a potent and compact light, but $1 of its $12.48 MSRP goes straight to the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation. Since introducing this light last year, Streamlight has already donated $6,500 to this worthy cause, and helped fight a disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans.

To learn more about the special Red Nano Light, visit Streamlight’s product page here.

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