New-York-based premium blade manufacturer Steel Will Knives has released a new folding knife design, and it certainly caught our eye. It's called the Apostate, and the company claims it offers excellent performance and materials not typically found in its sub-$200 price range.

Steel will knives apostate 02

The Apostate 1108 features a drop point blade, which is best for slicing cuts.

Specifically, the Apostate is offered for $175. So, what do you get for that chunk of change? Quite a bit, actually. It features a 4.1-inch S35VN powered steel blade, coated in a wear-resistant dark grey finish. We've taken a liking to S35VN lately, as we've found it can maintain a razor-sharp edge, and it resists the microscopic chips other steels (like S30V) can be prone to.

Steel will knives apostate 01

The 5.5-inch handle is composed of two materials: titanium with an integrated frame lock on one side, and textured G10 scale on the other side. This construction allows it to maintain a relatively light 6.3oz weight.

Steel will knives apostate 03

The Apostate 1113 features a tanto blade, superior for piercing.

The Apostate also implements a ceramic ball bearing pivot, and is said to open smoothly with one finger. Prospective buyers can choose from either a drop point (Model 1108) or tanto (Model 1113) blade shape.

For more information on the new Steel Will Knives Apostate folder, check out

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