Although a flashlight does an excellent job of illuminating a specific target, there’s one thing it doesn’t do well—light up a room. That’s where a lantern comes in. This particular lantern, the Streamlight Siege AA, uses an array of LEDs to cast up to 200 lumens of white light in a 360-degree radius. Also, it’s powered by easily obtainable AA batteries, and will run for 7 to 37 hours (on high and low power levels, respectively).

Streamlight C4 AA lantern

However, this lantern has another trick up its sleeve—it has a magnetic base. This allows it to be mounted on the side of a metal wall, toolbox, car, or a variety of other surfaces. So, if you’re looking for reliable and versatile area lighting for your survival kit, check out the new magnetic Siege AA from Streamlight.

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