You may recognize the name Superesse Straps from our review of their paracord survival bracelet, called the Bug-Out Bracelet Pro. That compact and lightweight bracelet unravels into a Pandora's Box full of survival gear. The Superesse BOB Pro has a compass, fish hook, ballpoint pen, can opener, surgical blade, multiple fire-starters, and even water purification tablets—as well as over 10 feet of useful 550 paracord.


The Superesse Straps BOB Pro has an insane amount of densely-packed survival tools.

Since our review of the Bug-Out Bracelet, we're pleased to see Superesse Straps' veteran-owned-and-operated small business has grown considerably. Now, they've announced an all-new addition to the lineup of compact survival kits: the Superesse Straps Survival Lanyard with custom neck knife.

Superesse straps survival lanyard 3

For those who don't like the feel of wearing bracelets, or who simply want a backup survival kit within arm's reach, the new Survival Lanyard is an ideal choice. It includes many of the same paracord-wrapped tools and items found in the bug-out bracelet, but in the form of a neck lanyard with a miniature knife at the end.

Superesse straps survival lanyard 2

As with existing Superesse Straps products, there are many options to choose from. First of all, there's the color, which applies to both the paracord and the knife/sheath combo. You can choose from Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Tan, or Safety Orange. Then, you can choose from one of the following pre-set packages:

  • SERE Kit – Escape and Evasion Kit with basic survival supplies.
  • Medic Kit – Treat minor medical emergencies and aid in the sustaining of your self and equipment.
  • Offgrid Kit – Supplies to survive a SHTF bug out scenario and navigate to safety. (Superesse Straps tells us this name was a tribute to us, and that's pretty cool!)
Superesse straps survival lanyard 5

These are just a few of the items Superesse Straps can include in your survival lanyard.

If you want something truly unique, Superesse Straps can accommodate that, too. They have a custom lanyard builder tool on their web site, with an almost unbelievable amount of options. You can really trick this lanyard out if you want to, although the builder tool includes a recommended max capacity so you don't get too carried away with add-ons.

The lanyard's neck knife is forged from 440c stainless steel, and comes with a color-matched sheath and rubber over-molded handle.

Superesse straps survival lanyard 4

The founder of Superesse Straps notes, these products are handmade to order in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He also writes, “every aspect of your kit is crafted by my wife and myself. We put great detail into each order.” This means it may take a few weeks to receive your custom lanyard, but we're sure it will be worth the wait.

Superesse straps survival lanyard

The SERE, Medic, and Offgrid lanyards can be purchased through the Superesse Straps Etsy page, and start at $145. Custom orders start at $150, and can be placed directly through

As with the Bug-Out Bracelet Pro, this lanyard isn't cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for: a handcrafted, high-quality, American-made survival kit.

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