We’ve all heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”, and every man knows that tools are a very good thing. Plus, any multi-tool owner can tell you that combining many tools into a single package is a great idea. So, what happens when you take it too far? This incredible 100-function “mother of all Swiss Army knives” is what happens.

Originally made in Germany way back in 1880 as a display piece for J.S. Holler & Co’s cutlery store in New York, this insane amalgamation of tools actually predates the Swiss Army Knife by 11 years. Not only that, but it contains just about every tool imaginable, including a cheese fork, piano tuner, butter knife, mechanical pencil, cigar cutter, and even a fully functional .22-cailber pistol. See what we mean by excess?

Sure, this tool wasn’t meant to be used or carried around in a pocket, but it did set the stage for the Schweizer Offiziersmesser (Swiss Officer’s Knife) and multi-tool of today. It’s also a great example of why sometimes, there is such a thing as too many tools.

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