Team Wendy, a company probably best known for its line of ballistic and bump helmets, has released a new chest rig designed for use by the SAR (Search and Rescue) community. The new comms platform, which is fully compatible with PALS/MOLLE accessories, is known as the Team Wendy Radio Rig. It's said to offer “an abundance of compartmentalization without compromising mobility,” and comes with three pouch sizes (small, medium, and large) to accommodate a variety of radios or GPS units. There's also a weather-resistant zippered pouch to hold your smartphone or other more fragile portable electronics.

Team Wendy's CEO, Jose Rizo-Patron, says: “We strive to provide our clients with optimal solutions by identifying gaps and filling unmet needs in the market. Through our ongoing engagement with several domestic and international SAR communities, it was clear to us that they needed a comfortable, purpose-built communications rig that includes a better approach for cable management. Our Radio Rig also serves as a complementary solution to our widely fielded EXFIL SAR helmets.”

Whether you're a professional first responder or a prepper who's looking for a better way to organize your communication equipment, the new Radio Rig should serve as a convenient host for a comms platform and GPS (though it's still up to you to know where you are even if you do have a GPS). Its modular construction means you can spec it out however best serves your mission; throw a hydration bladder between your shoulder blades, carry a search and rescue drone, or add medical gear and magazine carriers.

The new platform consists of angled, laser-cut PALS webbing to accommodate the included pouches or other MOLLE-compatible gear. By releasing a pair of Fidlock magnetic buckles, the front panel of the chest rig folds forward, revealing a transparent, touch-screen compatible pouch that's designed to hold a cell phone, maps, or documents. The zipper at the top of the front panel opens to an organized admin pocket and a cable management pocket with wiring pass-throughs. The pack is said to be slim enough to be worn under a backpack if necessary.

Team Wendy also partnered with comms gear manufacturer Silynx to develop a special version of the CLARUS XPR in-ear communications system wired specifically for the Radio Rig and EXFIL SAR helmet. It consists of an in-ear headset, control box, dual comm splitter, and your choice of a smartphone adapter or one of four radio adapters. The company says this setup is “compatible with 95 percent of radios on the market – including the Motorola APX.”

Learn more about the Team Wendy Radio Rig at

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