Yesterday, we featured a “survival life hacks” video that was… not so helpful, to put it mildly. If you haven't already read our thoughts on that video, we'd encourage you to go see for yourself. Unfortunately the internet is full of content that over-promises and under-delivers, but on the flipside, there's also some content that's surprisingly informative and helpful — you just need to know where to look.

Alfieaesthetics wilderness survival tips fire food water tools 2

Using a clear water bottle as a fire-starting lens is a backup method worth keeping in mind.

AlfieAesthetics is one YouTube channel we've found ourselves consistently enjoying and learning from, so when we came across the glue-gun antics in yesterday's video, we recalled how this UK-based survivalist applied a similar theme with much more helpful tips. Alfie's “20 Wilderness Survival Tips” video is densely-packed with info, and includes a few points that we could actually see ourselves using in a pinch.

Of course, no instructional video is perfect for every situation, and there are a few tips in this video that we'd consider less beneficial than others. For example, breaking open a cell phone to make arrowheads out of its circuit boards seems like a bit of a stretch, and cutting up your backpack for a little flammable foam isn't ideal. However, most of the tips in this video are straightforward, helpful, and aided by Alfie's voice-over explanation. Some of them are even direct improvements on the “survival life hacks” video's techniques:

Alfieaesthetics wilderness survival tips fire food water tools 3

  • Alfie cuts up a plastic bottle to boil AND filter dirty water, producing water that's clearer and free of bacteria/protozoa. “Survival life hacks” glued together a makeshift Brita pitcher to produce water that looks better but is still not safe to drink without further purification.
  • Alfie turns a soda can into a wood-burning stove to boil water in a cup using replaceable twigs for fuel. “Survival life hacks” makes a can stove that relies on a consumable butane lighter, and messily cooks a single egg on it.

For some more pointers that may come in handy, check out Alfie's previous “50+ Wilderness Survival Tips” video below:

Have you found any other quick survival tips that you'd consider useful? If so, write a comment and let us know.

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