In the past, we've written several articles about the value of Morse code. Whether you're learning it as a means of transmitting information non-verbally in dire emergencies, or as a subtle way to communicate a few words or phrases, Morse code is a valuable tool in any survivalist's toolbox. Also, while it may feel imposing to attempt to interpret fast sequences of dots and dashes, it's not a hard skill to learn if you give it some time. This learning process is also made easier thanks to free resources like Google's Hello Morse tools.

The standard list of Morse code combinations can be tricky to memorize unaided.

Introduction to Hello Morse

Hello Morse is a collection of “experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard.” Gboard is Google's name for its touchscreen keyboard, available for Android or iOS. It offers numerous languages, including Morse code. If you have Gboard set up, you can go activate the Morse keyboard and start practicing immediately — it even provides predictive suggestions as you tap out dots and dashes. However, if you want to establish a baseline of skill before diving in, check out the Hello Morse page on

The Morse Keyboard

Google partner developer Tania Finlayson encouraged coders to create games, teaching tools, and other experiments based on the Gboard Morse keyboard. These include — a free app for your phone or desktop browser. It uses memorable pictograms to illustrate the dot/dash combinations for each letter, then asks you to tap the appropriate combination, first with the pictograms and then without them. See below for a list of all the pictograms (click here to download a poster-size version).

Above: Pictograms used to help learn the combinations of Morse Code dots and dashes.

Other Hello Morse Applications

The Hello Morse page also contains other interesting applications of Gboard Morse, such as Hello, Emmett!, a game where you guide a character through a maze by typing the correct letters in Morse (this one only works on a phone with Gboard installed). Check out this video of Hello Morse in action:


  • Q: What is Hello Morse?
    A: Hello Morse is a collection of AI and Chrome experiments inspired by Morse code on Android Gboard.
  • Q: What does 3 dots mean in Morse code?
    A: 3 dots in Morse code signifies the letter “S”.
  • Q: How do you tap SOS in Morse code?
    A: An SOS sent by Morse code is a well-known distress signal. It is three short taps followed by three long taps, and then finished three short taps again.
  • Q: What are Morse code signals?
    A: Morse code is a communication method used encode text characters as sequences of two different signal durations, called dots and dashes, or dits and dahs.
  • Q: What does SOS stand for in Morse code?
    A: SOS is Morse code for “Save Our Ship”. Although it was originally used for ships in distress, it has evolved to be an alert for any emergency situation.
  • Q: Is it hard to learn Morse code?
    A: Learning Morse code is not too difficult. However, it takes diligent practice to become proficient.

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