We'd be willing to bet you've got some paracord somewhere in your survival kit, go bag, or EDC gear. Maybe it's a keychain, bracelet, knife handle wrap, zipper pull, or just a loose bundle—but whatever form it's in, it's important to have cordage available. You've probably heard this message many times by now.

However, cordage is basically useless if you can't tie knots. Even one or two essential knots (such as the bowline) will get you a long way, but there are literally hundreds of different knot types out there. You probably won't be able to remember all of them, so having instructional pictographs is a huge help. Fix.com created this great infographic that not only shows how to tie important knots, but what they're used for.

Essential Knots Infographic

So, go grab some paracord and practice these knots. Once you've tied them 10-15 times, you should have them committed to memory, which is what will really matter once you don't have this graphic to refer to. Good luck, and be sure to let us know which of these essential knots is most useful to you.

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