Ask someone if they're gullible, and they'll almost always reply with an emphatic “no”. Nobody likes to think they'll fall for a scam while traveling, but tourists around the world are getting robbed, extorted, and ripped off in creative new ways every single day. Even if you're skeptical and self-aware, you can be caught off guard by scam artists if you're unprepared.

Scams to avoid 2

Walk the streets of any urban area for long enough, and someone will try to separate you from your money.

Most of us know to avoid the classic “shell game” scam, where you're supposed to point out a marble under one of three moving shells or cups. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of other methods that criminals will use to take your valuables—from begging and guilt-trips to pickpocketing and armed robbery.

This in-depth infographic from Just the Flight shows 40 different scams to avoid while traveling. How many of these have you experienced first-hand?

Scams to avoid 1a

Scams to avoid 1b

Scams to avoid 1c

By learning about as many of these tricks as possible, you can stay ahead of the game and avoid getting conned out of your cash. Even if you really aren't the gullible type, there are plenty of con men out there who will be more than willing to test your resolve.

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