Warning! This article is meant to be a quick overview and not a detailed guide on poisonous flowers. Eating certain plants could lead to serious illness and even death. To learn more, consult with a reputable instructor or trained botanist.

Bright and colorful fruits and berries attract our attention just as much as vibrant poisonous flowers. Since humans have been foraging for naturally-occurring food sources since the dawn of our species, knowing which ones are safe and which are toxic is of the utmost importance. While this quest has revealed countless nutritious and medicinally useful plant varieties, it has also revealed a number of deadly species. As a survivalist, it’s important to be aware of the poisonous plants in your area, so you can recognize and avoid them in the wild.

This helpful infographic from Ava’s Flowers outlines some of the world’s deadliest flowering plants, as well as where to find them. If you resort to foraging in a survival situation, you’ll certainly want to avoid everything on this list—and as always, if you’re not positive what species a plant is, it’s best not to consume it and find out the hard way.

An infographic describing many of the worlds most poisonous flowers.

It should be reiterated that just reading this infographic will not make you an expert on identifying poisonous flowers. Only by training with an expert will you be able to safely spot something that could be dangerous to interact with, or fatally toxic. But this will give you a better sense of awareness when the next time you think about reaching for that beautifully colored, or pleasantly fragrant flower.

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