The more we think about it, the more we've realized hammocks are an excellent resource for survivalists. Hammocks are generally less expensive, lighter, faster to set up and tear down, and more concealable than tents. However, you'll need the right knowledge to set up a hammock correctly. Unlike tents, that generally means tying knots.

Luckily for us, the knots you need for a hammock aren't that complicated, and you don't need a Boy Scouts knot-tying merit badge to figure them out. In fact, Hobo Hammocks claims that there's only one knot you'll ever need to rig a hammock. They call it “the hammock knot”, but it's basically a modified quick-release clove hitch.

Hammock knot quick release 1

Simple enough, right? As the infographic above states, all you need to do to tear down the hammock in the morning is pull the “tail”, and the knot instantly unties. Here's a video that shows it in action:

In the video, they use the flat nylon strap supplied with most hammocks, but we tested it out with 550 paracord, and found that the technique works equally well.


Hobo Hammocks claims this “hammock knot” is the only one you need, but there's one case when that's not true. If you're using regular rope or paracord instead of a pre-sewn nylon tree strap (like the ones included with many hammocks), you'll need to know a fixed loop knot to secure your hammock line to a tree. We strongly suggest learning the bowline knot, since it's easy to remember and extremely secure.

On a side note, we recently received a new Serac hammock to review for OFFGRIDweb. So, if you're into hammock camping, keep an eye out for the results of our review in the future.

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